Thursday, June 30, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011


So, it has been awhile since I have posted anything on here. It has been a long winter with alot going on at the Smith house, but those things can wait for another post, for now....our first camping trip of 2011. Our destination...Twin Bridges Campground. All to ourselves. I must say it is nice to have a trailer to keep us warm on such a early camping trip. The kids and Dad on our first of many walks. Julie took a picture. She wanted me in one.
Our four munchkins that are growing up way to fast.

We found a tree that a beaver had chewed so the kids had to pretend to be the beaver.

I was not trying to get the to be goofy that is just how it came out and I love it.
Trouble in the trailer. :)
Another walk, this time with the dogs.
Our friends, Clint, Tanelle, Kaeson and Ellie came for a day of cold camping. This is Ellie, isn't she a doll!
The six kids on a walk.
My handsome husband whom I love with all my heart!
Our Gabe who is growing leaps and bounds.
Our Julianne, she is getting so tall and looking so grown up that is catches me off guard quite frequently!
Our Stinkerbelle :) She took this stick and it was her gun and she would ask anyone who came to the trailer.....are you a bad guy?

The kids shooting their BB guns. Julie did good, but Gabe is an amazing shot!
Our kids really enjoyed our trip.
Gabe wanted to take a picture.
Another walk.....we took at least 6 long walks. Our Noah. I must say, his smile melts me.

Phew...he must get it from his daddy.
Our beautiful girls with Miss Pearl.
Gabe with Miss Moby....I know she looks like she is in pain, but I swear she wasn't.
You HAVE to throw rocks in the water while camping.
The beautiful sunset on the second night.
The dogs playing in the water.
Tink had to get her feet in the water.
So then she was tired and had wet feet, so her daddy carried all the way back. I thought she looked so sweet cuddled up on him.
So we get home and we get a call....Toby and his dad put a bid on a boat and it was accepted. This made my honey EXTREMELY happy. So the kids checked out the boat.
After the boat, we took the kids around the block, Noah had to wear this helmet.
Bobblehead from the back.
I hope this finds you all well. We are ready for spring and warm weather. We want to praise the Lord for all the blessings He heaped upon us this winter and we look foward to how we are supposed to us them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Fun

This fall has been gorgeous and allowed us to do more outdoor fun. Toby and I went hunting, my first time. We didn't get anything, but had a very good time being together. Then up to the land to clean up and Roxanne took our picture. I like it because since we have had kids we have few pictures of us together.Julie is my little one who wants to be exactly like me. Now with glasses she is that much closer. I sure do love my little princess pie.
Our whole little family.
They are all getting so big.
Miss Belle helping momma make waffles.
We have been blessed with a new trailer. Makes us so excited to go do some camping. Our first "trip" with it was to Gram's house. It was wonderful.
The crew up at the land.

My biggest man. He is so much like his dad that it makes me smile everyday.
Tink, she dressed herself and put her own shoes on. She is a spitfire that keeps me on my toes, but I love this little girl soo much!
Noah wears cowboy boots EVERYWHERE!!! His old boots were shot, so Grandma and Papa Smith got him new boots. Blue is my little man's favorite that makes these boots Noah's perfect boots.

Then there is my Julie, who we recently found out couldn't see very well up close. So now she gets to wear glasses and she is loving them. She says this about people who don't wear glasses..."To bad they aren't one of the lucky ones." She looks so adorable in them. I am so proud of how she is doing with them.